? You rung the bell of my home, right? Welcome to my virtual space! — where music meets the soul! Here, you will find everything about me and be a part of my musical journey. So, who is stopping you to explore the whole apartment?

Who are you?

Oh! you are a stranger and you don’t know about me? No problem. Please go ahead and read about me. No, it won’t take much of your times. ?


Let me share a secret with you, — I am not a photo junky. ? Still, consider to visit my Image Gallery and see what I have there for you. I will add new I promise. So, visit time to time.

What do you offer?

Glad you have asked. Let me give a snip of my offerings:
If you are looking for high-quality audio for your project, at an affordable price, you’ve come to the right place! I can handle all your production needs, including:

  • Music and voice-overs for computer games,
  • Voice-overs, jingles and music logos for radio stations, podcasts, etc,
  • Intro or music bed for your Youtube presentation,
  • Background music for your drama, or theater group,
  • Music or songs for your serials,
  • Demos for you, whether you have a band or you are a solo artist,
  • Commercials and promos,
  • Narration for presentations, product demonstrations, etc,
  • Background music for your website, powerpoint presentation,
  • Music arrangement for your dance performance.

From Acoustic to electronic, from eastern to western, from commercial to experimental,–I am here for you to give the best service at the best price.
To order a production from me, let me know what you’d like, such as songs, music for a game, etc, with details, such as the type of music you’d like and allow me do the rest! ✌

Quality of your job?

I know, if I don’t provide you the best service, you won’t come to me again, right? In order to maintain the standard of excellence and to provide my clients the quality service, I try to utilize state-of-the-art hardware and software as well as extra ordinary energy.

Have you put some music as demo?

Of course! Let’s visit the Clavier Studio ? — one of my personal projects and listen some music. I promise, it won’t cost anything. Also, feel free to visit my Audio Gallery page. The songs are waiting for you to play. ?


I have a number of stuff to do in the spare time. Technology is something I like the most. ?‍? When I will get married, I afraid, my wife will feel jealous about it. ? Okay, spend some times in my Techno Farm and listen some podcast I have done. You won’t regret it for sure.

Do you teach?

Sure! Would you like to develop your skill to unlock the potentials with the help of Screen Reader technology? Head over to my training zone and we will learn together a lot of things including, Sound designing, accessing your PC with Screen reading solution, and lots more.

Get in touch or keep in touch?

Why not? That’s why I have created the contact page for you. Go there and we will be hanging around and have fun. ?

Thank you very much for giving your precious time for me. The door is always open for you. Please visit again and again and I will prepare new delicious dish for you. Don’t forget to check my Euphonic Episodes to see what is happening over here. Be a part of my musical journey and “Celebrate Music, Celebrate Life!” ?