Welcome to my training zone!

Are you a screen reader user? Would you like to improve your level of excellence by joining some training courses so that, you can shine in various industries and unlock your potentials? Great! You have just come to the right place.

I offer various such courses for the screen reader users in very affordable price. Do check my Testimonial page and read my students’ opinions.

How to participate in the training room?

I conduct the class online. So, you can learn from your home. I can speak English, Hindi and Bengali. Therefore, only apply for the course, if you are comfortable with those languages.

You will receive necessary podcast and the audio recording of the class for future reference as well. What you need to have is TeamTalk installed in your preffered device and you are good to go.

To join me, just fill up the following form and we will learn together. It will be a lovely journey, I promise!

Terms & Conditions

Please note, by joining any of the courses, you are signing to our terms and condissions. Do not distribute or sale any material to anyone without my permission. Don’t disrespect the digital rights. All the softwares we use are protected by copyrights by the respective owners.

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