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Very impressive!

I met him in a private online class. He taught me Cakewalk Sonar. The way he interacted with me was excellent. But I must say one thing, he never look at the clock while teaching. The duration of each session was suppose to be 2hrs. But until or unless I understood the stuff fully, he did not give up. That’s why, each sessions took at least 2.30hrs. I wish to learn Reaper from him as Sonar is dead now.

Puneet Sharma
Voiceover Artist
Mumbai, India.

He is a knowledge hub!

  • Needless to say that, Mr. Pradip is a grate educator. I’ve learned a lot about modern singing techniques as well as finding the instruments, chords, etc in a song. He is very fond of contemporary sound and sound design and use to arrange the songs in different flavor. He has out standing skill in writing poetry, recitation and in playing piano. All in all, he is a knowledge hub and working with him is a great learning experience.
  • Tania Pal
    Professional vocalist
    Santiniketan, West Bengal, India.

    Interesting person

    Pradip da is a very interesting gentleman, good listener and observer as well. All the time his mind explores new energetic and realistic ideas. He is an excellent music composer. “Soni Guriya”, a song produced by his team was just excellent!

    Daibaki Mondal
    Poet and Reciter
    Birbhum, West Bengal.

    Good writer

    Pradip is a great reciter as well as poet. He could have been in a better place if he focused in his writing.

    Sourav Dasgupta
    Kolkata, India.

    Great service

    Mr. Pradip is a great guy to work with. He always provided me good ideas when my brain was stuck. I wish to work with him in my next project as well.

    Sanjay Sen
    Music Producer
    Kolkata, India.