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appreciations so far

Very impressive!

I met him in a private online class. He taught me Cakewalk Sonar. The way he interacted with me was excellent. But I must say one thing, he never look at the clock while teaching. The duration of each session was suppose to be 2hrs. But until or unless I understood the stuff fully, he did not give up. That’s why, each sessions took at least 2.30hrs. I wish to learn Reaper from him as Sonar is dead now.

Puneet Sharma
Voiceover Artist
Mumbai, India.

Good writer

Pradip is a great reciter as well as poet. He could have been in a better place if he focused in his writing.

Sourav Dasgupta
Kolkata, India.

Great service

Mr. Pradip is a great guy to work with. He always provided me good ideas when my brain was stuck. I wish to work with him in my next project as well.

Sanjay Sen
Music Producer
Kolkata, India.

Interesting person

Pradip da is a very interesting gentleman, good listener and observer as well. All the time his mind explores new energetic and realistic ideas. He is an excellent music composer. “Soni Guriya”, a song produced by his team was just excellent!

Daibaki Mondal
Poet and Reciter
Birbhum, West Bengal.