You have come to visit my Audio Gallery. Great! Here, you can listen some of my audio demos. So, take your sit and enjoy!
By the way, before I forget, all the tracks are copyrighted by their respective owners. So, use them only for listening purposes, not for anything else.

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Audio Demos

  1. Ay Khuda Ranit Mukherjee & Pradip Chandra Sikdar 3:40
  2. Bosonto Ese Geche Jit & Pradip 5:13
  3. CALLS OF THE ROMANCE Pradip Chandra Sikdar & Pinaki Majumder 1:48
  4. Cosmic Romance X-RaF 3:08
  5. Ethnic Anthem Pradip Chandra Sikdar 1:42
  6. Save Green, Save Life Pradip Chandra Sikdar & Pinaki Majumder
  7. signature tune of Radio Bongonet Pradip Chandra Sikdar 0:21
  9. Tum Pukar Lo Rahul Majumder & Pradip Chandra Sikdar 4:58