Pradip is working on the studio desk
Pradip Chandra Sikdar is greatly influenced by the words of Berthold Auerbach, “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”. Here, we will mainly focus on his musical journey and his love for extra curricular activities.

The journey begins

Pradip was born in a small town called Agarpara, near Kolkata, India. From his childhood, he was very enthusiastic in magic, as his uncle Mr. Adhir Kumar Sikdar and his elder brother Mr. Pintu Chandra Sikdar both are magicians. After that, when he was admitted to Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama (Narendrapur), he realized how music can create magic.

Music or Magic?

When a sound, a symphony, can vanish our sorrows and mistakes of mind, when a group of musical notes carries the power to give birth of peace and energy, when a musical performance can hypnotize us and compel us to dance on the floor, — should not we call it magic rather than music? said Pradip.

He fell in love with music, or better to say, he was addicted to it. His Father Mr. Sukharanjan Sikdar influenced him to be a Keyboard player and his mother Mrs. Mamata Sikdar wished to see her son as a Tabla player.

Tutelage in music

When Pradip was in standard I, he got training in 2 Indian percussion instruments called Tabla and Pakhavaj from Pandit Sukhamoy Chowdhury. He took the training in vocal from Pandit Dilip Bhattacharyya, Pandit Bishnudev Chakrabarti, Pandit Nanigopal Dutta and Pandit Prithwis Raychowdhury. Later, when he was studying in standard III, he started learning keyboard from Mr. Amlan Halder.

B. B. A. Orchestra

When Pradip was in standard IV, he was admitted in the B. B. A. Orchestra as a Tabla and Pakhavaj player. After 2 years, He was selected as the Keyboard player in the same team. He started showing his potentialities in composing music in different genres in different situations at that age.

Pradip’s College life, the journey continues

When Pradip had to leave the school, he was in a dark. He thought, all his love for music ended up in smoke. Just imagine a person who takes alcohol every day, what happens to him when he is not able to get it any more? He had the same feelings with the music.

But life must go on and he had to prepare himself for the college digree. He got admition in Asutosh College, under Calcutta University to complete his graduation in English with honors. From there, a new journey begins with the passion in music to explore a new horizon.

Professional opportunities

Pradip joined a fusion project called “X-RaF” (Experimental Raga and Folk) and met a lot of musicians who enriched his musical life a lot. He was receiving lots of professional opportunities from the music industry as well as ad egencies. It encouraged him a lot to be a good music director.

From his childhood, Pradip wanted to put his hands on sound engineering. So, he joined some online courses and later, became a sound engineer. After that, he joined Radio Bongonet, a leading cyber radio station in India as a sound designer and voiceover artist. His love for computer, software and technology makes him famous among his friends, colleagues and teachers.

Technical engagements

Pradip also worked as a freelance Accessibility Beta Tester (accessible web design, accessible computer application, accessible Android application,) etc. He was the lead instructor of the “Sheoraphuly Computer Training Program”, run by “the Society for the Welfare of the Blind”, associated by Amrita Seattle.

Some achievements of Pradip

From the age of 8, Pradip started performing on various stages. He has attended several competitions in state and national level and stood first.

Radio and TV

Pradip, along with his friends performed on various prestigious stages, leading Radio and Televisions including Doordarshan (the National TV Channel of India), Red FM Kolkata, Big FM Kolkata, Friends FM Kolkata, Ruposhi Bangla, Kappa TV and lots more.

International Award for Young People

Pradip has received bronze, silver and gold medal from International Award for Young People (The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Project) for the successful completion of the youth empowerment program, which comprises Skill, Social Service, Physical Recreation and Expedition. He is the 1st Visually challenged person in the World who joined an International Expedition in INDOOR SWINTON EXCHANGE PROGRAM (in United Kingdom)

Other acheivements

Pradip Achieved best award in Recitation, Debate and Elocution several times in State level and National level. He stood 2nd position in “Tabla Recital” (State level) organized by Nehru Children Museum.

Musical acheivements

Pradip was adjudged as the winner of the “Sing Green” contest as the best Jingle maker organized by the American Center and the Earth Day Network He worked as a composer, arranger, mixing and mastering engineer in various music album including “Khwahishain”, “Music Yoga”, “Dekhore Noyon Mele”, “The Stolen Egg”, and lots more.

Besides music, Pradip is a good writer, Reciter, Elocusionist, Debater, Actor, Mountaineer, Technology Specialist. It is true that, his love, passion, confidence, strength of mind and extraordinary energy compelled him to be a multi talented personality. Now, he is working as an assistant teacher in “B.T. Road Government Sponsored H.S. School”. Besides that, he is working as a music director, composer, keyboard player and sound Engineer in the Tollywood Industry. You may wish to visit Bedroom Studio to enjoy some of his own releases. Also consider to visit his Audio Gallery to listen some audio demos he arranged and produced.